Kiddo’s :: Diaper Box Turned Toy Storage

Are you looking for a way to keep your kiddo’s toys at bay? Here’s a quick weekend project that is eco-friendly (you are reusing boxes that would otherwise be thrown away) and you may even have all the supplies there at your home. I discovered that reusing diapers and wipes boxes works just as well as those expensive crates sold at stores. The design you use can be tailor made to fit your room as well. Follow the steps below to make a reused Kiddo Crate and you will be on your way to an organized toy room.


-an empty diaper box

-a glue adhesive (like modge podge or minwax polycrylic)

-a roller brush or paint brush for the adhesive

-about 12 sheets of thicker paper

-markers or paint to add a design


-duct tape


-Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, take your scissors and cut the flaps off the box

-put a line of duct tape around the edge of the top

-Roll or brush adhesive on the box, then cover it wither paper, then add another layer of adhesive over the paper

-Let the adhesive dry

-Once your box is dry, you have a plain white box to draw or paint your design on

-Put another coat of clear finish over the design to seal it

You are finished! Have a great weekend and happy organizing!


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