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When my Grandma would come to visit for the holidays I was overwhelmed with excitement. Not only would I get to spend time with her, but it meant we would get to build a Gingerbread House. My Grandmother had a knack for design and stylish D.I.Y projects. Building a custom gingerbread house was her specialty. My daughters hands are still too small to start this tradition, but I plan on it when she is the appropriate age. Gingerbread kits have come a long way from the Hansel and Gretel style homes. There use to be a mid-century mod kit available at which is no longer. You can find tutorials online showing how to hack a traditional gingerbread house kit and make it modern. If your not feeling ready to design a house from scratch like Grandma and me there are several kits online. The famous NYC Dylan’s Candy Bar has an option that I’m sure is truly yummy.

Happy Gingerbread Designing All! Xo – Annie

mid-century gingerbread house via

 (no longer available use this photo for inspiration)

dylan’s candy bar gingerbread house kit via neiman marcus

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