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When I am on Pinterest and see a teepee I just have to pin it. I think it’s because my brother and I had a teepee that we loved growing up. I remember it collapsing on us…. or more accurate my brother collapsing it on me. Besides that it was a lot of fun.¬† A little Native twist is almost good in any space…my inner Peter Pan tells me that. Here is a little teepee inspiration.

Would you put a teepee in your home or backyard?


Photo via feather & nest style . See a tutorial on how to make a smaller  teepee trellis with strawberries HERE.


via 1stdibs photo archive


via style me pretty

2 thoughts on “Kiddo’s :: Teepee Inspiration

  1. I really would love one in our home for my kids, but we don’t have enough space. I think I could try the outdoor version in the backyard. Thank you :)

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