Layered Rug Look

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The layered rug look is really growing on me. I think it is a great way to add many textures and colors to warm up a space. There have been many times I have fallen in love with a rug that only comes in 8×10 when my client actually needs a 9×12. There has also been many times when the budget allows for an 8 10 and not it’s spendy sister 9×12. A great way to solve this sizing & budget issue is by layering the smaller patterned rug with a larger more natural/neutral rug. You just need to make sure the larger bottom rug will not compete with the patterned rug on top. I have also seen the layered look done with animal hides to give you more floor coverage. Below are some inspiring layered images to help you achieve this look. I think layered rugs are just as wonderful as the “Rachel layered” cut once was. Xo ~ Annie

images via apartment therapy

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