Lil Bash :: Favorite Things 2 Year Old Birthday

I know all parents say this, but time really does fly and your kids grow oh so fast. I am trying to savor every month as I watch my daughter grow into a little lady and no longer my little baby (well she will always be my baby). My little darling is going to be two soon, so to help me cope with this I love seeing party ideas. Her first birthday was pretty low key because…well she didn’t have any pals yet. Now she has some friends so I think we may be able to throw an actual birthday bash. I usually think people go a bit over the top with kids birthday parties, some are nicer than my wedding was. However, I saw this “favorite things” themed two year old birthday party and I couldn’t help but wish I had been invited. This will definitely be inspiration for my daughters birthday..but a bit more scaled down. See the full post at 100 Layer Cake-let. Enjoy!

What do you usually do for your child’s birthday?

Xo – Annie




all photos via 100 layer cake-let

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