In The Details :: Nora’s Play Table Before & After

It has been a busy few weeks of painting and staple gunning. Here is another old play table transformation. You may remember Nora’s table from ┬álast year. We have placed that table outside in the backyard. My loving cousin gave us another table her kids have outgrown. We transformed it into something more modern by painting it white and adding fabric to the top. I covered the fabric in clear vinyl to make it easy to clean and boy is it ever. We have already spilled glue and paint on it several times. I love all the toy and craft supply storage below. Nora has been gluing, painting and playdohing to her hearts content. The colors work very well with the abstract art she created. Check back tomorrow to see the geometric cork boards we made to finish off the room. Here is the before and after. What do you think?


Nov 2014 iphone pics 110


Play Table 3

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