NYC Client Testimonial & Multi-Functional Design!

I had such a wonderful time working with this family in NYC. Expecting their second child they came to me to make the most of their three bedroom apartment in NYC. I was thrilled with the design and even more thrilled the family was also. I just had to share the sweet words from this happy Decorator in a Box customer. Thanks Jackie and it was a pleasure to make your space work for your growing family. Just in time! Xo, Annie

(see the full design on the portfolio page)

At eight months pregnant and unsure of where we were going to live, I turned to Annie to help us configure our existing apartment in NYC to make the space work for us better not knowing if we were going to move (as we were waiting on our renewal information).  Annie kept me at ease 100% of the time and provided designs for our living room/dining room combo, our den and our shared children’s space that would accommodate our tight schedule.  Annie took every requirement I had and made our apartment look so amazing that we are excited to be staying in a place that we previously thought may be too small for us. I’m so upset that I didn’t use her for our master bedroom as that is the only space that doesn’t feel right anymore in the apartment.  Once I have a routine down, that is next!  From designing our kids closets, to opening up our living room and creating a kids play space that looks beautiful and modern without sacrificing style, I was amazed by Annie.  She is extremely talented, very responsive and fairly priced.  We have received so many compliments about how the apartment doesn’t even look the same and it seems so much bigger, it truly is amazing.  Next up for us is having Annie design a beach place we are pursuing.  Thanks again Annie, you met all of our expectations and went above them. 



See the full design HERE.



OB-Shapiro Living Space

This is the multi use area for dining, play and living. I used a lot of furniture that functions for seating and storage. The art and accessories are sophisticated with a playful and happy twist for the kids.

OB-Shapiro Living plan

OB-Shapiro Living 3

OB-shapiro living

OB-shapiro den

Here is the fun and playful shared bedroom for the kids. The color scheme works for both little girls and soon to arrive baby brother.

OB-Shapiro Shared Kids Space

OB-Shapiro Shared Kids Spaceplan

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