Oceanside, Ca Remodel :: Before & After Sorta

Alright, I could not stop myself from posting a premature before & after of this Oceanside, Ca remodel I have been working on. The floors and almost complete bath got me share happy. The bathroom is adorable!  Boy oh boy are we excited it’s finally “almost” done. Like any remodel we are still working out a few hiccups. We are definitely on the home stretch to completion. Here is a before and after for now. Just wait for another batch of photos when things are totally complete!

Oceanside Condo Remodel 2015 Oceanside Condo Remodel 2015 (2) Oceanside Remodel 2015

Here are the amazing tile floors that look like wood. They are wonderful for beach durability and style. They are sweet Dazey the dog approved too. Just wait until that fireplace is complete and the flowing white curtains are hung!

Oceanside Condo Remodel 2015(3)

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Xo, Annie

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