Outside the Box: The 747 Wing House


Somewhere atop the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, CA you can find an original piece of art sculpted out of glass, concrete and an old Boeing 747.  Francie Rehwald hired Los Angeles based Architect David Hertz, who sketched a design for Rehwald during his first site visit which happened to resemble airplane wings.  Not long after the two found themselves scavenging through the desert “boneyards” where old decommissioned airplanes go to die.



The logistics of carving an enormous airliner into usable pieces and transporting them from the desert to the top of Malibu were a feat in itself to coordinate but with a couple freeway closures and a few brief helicopter airlifts, ( at $8,000 per hour) Hertz had the 125 foot wings finally on site which would make up the roof of the 4,700 square foot main house.



Hertz set the cantilevered 45 foot wing tips above floor-to-ceiling low-e glass walls facing north and west for the ability to look diagonally right through the house and across the valley.



There’s so much more to learn about this very cool home.  For the amazing full story including construction photos, videos, environmental features, interviews and other press coverage please visit the website of David Hertz Architects: http://www.studioea.com/



photos from David Hertz Architects (studioea.com) and Architectural Record ( archrecord.construction.com )


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