Planned Space :: My Favorite Furniture Layouts


There are a few things I always try to do when space planning furniture. Here are my five favorites.

#1 A Super Comfy Sectional. I always try to make this happen in a family room. This is the place to snuggle up for a movie with lots of fluffy pillows. image via amber interiors


#2 Four Chairs Around a Table. Weather it’s for a Living Room, Outdoor Fire or Sitting Room I love this arrangement. image via elegant adobe


#3 Corner Swing.┬áThis is always fun in a teen bedroom or beach living toom. I’m a sucker for a rattan swing. via one kings lane


#4 Two Cuddle Chairs Facing. This is my favorite in a master bedroom or sitting room off the kitchen. It promotes relaxing with your coffee while waking up. It calls for putting up your feet to get lost in a book. image via calling it home.


#5 Double Twin Beds. In a child’s bedroom there is nothing I love more than double twin beds. If I see a double twin bedroom on Pinterest I almost always pin it. image via amber interiors


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