Rug Rules :: Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Shopping for rugs can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s a trial and error process. Here are the questions I always ask myself and clients when rug shopping.  These questions will help eliminate some major rug mistakes.

#1 What Size? The biggest mistake I see people make is going too small with their rug. If the rug doesn’t tuck under your furniture it’s too small. Try to avoid the floating rug mistake. In a living space the rug must tuck under the front feet of the sofas and chairs. If it doesn’t it’s too small. The only place a rug can float in a room is in a child’s bedroom or nursery. This is because that rug functions as a play area. Here are some examples…



via apartment 34 // Kailee Wright

#2 What’s my rooms function? Know how you will be using your space. If this is a baby’s room your going to want something soft for baby to lay on? If this is a high traffic area you may want it to be washable or hide dirt? If this is a dining area will it hold up to food spills? Read the care instructions and see if they will work in the space before you make that purchase.


via Catherine Kwong

#3 What’s my Style? Are you modern and monochromatic? Then keep that rug tone on tone or solid with lots of texture. Does your room need that pop of color? Never underestimate the power of a statement rug with lots of pattern and color, think Turkish? Are you beachy? Then I would go sisal or awning stripe. Are your eclectic modern? Then Morrocan is going to be your friend. A rug can really take a room that has no style and give it something major.



via lovely life // My Domaine

#4 Where should I purchase my rug? The first part to this questions is what’s your budget? If your on a small budget then online shopping is going to be your best bet. I like shopping for their affordable rugs. I have even had to return one and the shipping fee was small at $13 for a 5×7 rug. Other budget friendly options are Target, World Market and Ikea. If you want higher quality I would take a look at your local rug showrooms. I also have a lot of luck at West Elm who has a good mix of modern and worldly style.




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