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I love how my clients do not have one style they are limited too. There is always a twist of some kind. Modern with a flea market twist, traditional with a modern twist, shabby chic with retro twist.  I had a lot of fun designing this Great Room of many functions. This is the room where a family of four lives, dines and enters. They had a great style of mid-century modern with a French industrial twist. I got to reuse a lot of their existing mid-century furniture while shopping around for that vintage industrial flare. I thought I would share a little sample without giving too much away. Full MyDIAB designs have much more detail. Here is Burbank, CA Mid-Century with Industrial Twist. Get more sneak peeks on the Decorator in a Box portfolio page.

What is your style? Does it have a twist?

Xo – Annie

OB-burbank (2)


MyDiab Plans_0002

All photo via Decorator in a Box portfolio page


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