Sneak Peek :: Design Tab Recipe


I have so many fun designs in the works I just had to give you a quick peek. This morning I’m busy flipping tabs on my laptop. This has me thinking about the tab recipe for creating a good design. It all starts with the clients vision. They usually communicate this to me with their Pinterest boards….so I start with opening that tab. Then I open the tab to my vision board program to see how the selections I make are working together. Then I open a tab to Google Docs and begin creating a detailed shopping list for the client. Those tabs are the recipe that make for the perfect batch of designed rooms. A batch for the client to take with them and even try different ingredients to adjust the flavor.

Would you like to avoid too many open tabs in you brain? Let me handle that for you by creating a custom design that meets your style and budget. Let’s get started at Decorator in a Box!

Xo, Annie

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