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I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for chapter books. Well…I guess she needs to learn how to read first and speak. I get excited when she remembers a few words out of the board books we read every day. I’m all like….get the video camera she finished the sentence by saying nose and toes! I have always had my eye on the beautiful Penguin Classics …they had me at well accessorized shelf. Anthropologie has a new collection of them available in all the greats. Not only are they good reads, but they are beautiful on the shelf…did I mention that. What a special gift to give a child or friend who loves to curl up with a good old fashioned book.

What’s your favorite read?

Xo – Annie

Mr. Boddington's Studio Penguin Classics Sense and Sensibility  Mr. Boddington's Studio Penguin Classics

Mr. Boddington's Studio Penguin Classics Alice in Wonderland

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