DIY Monday :: No Carve Leafy Pumpkin


My daughter is still a little small for pumpkin carving. I’m all about easy no carve options. This leaf pumpkin idea is both pretty and easy. Simply collect leaves from the yard and mod podge them on white pumpkins. Viola! Instant leaf pumpkin art.

Xo, Annie


Sell It Stage It :: Rustic Beam Ceilings

Do you have a high ceiling in your Kitchen or Great Room? Is it just painted white and well kind of boring? A great way to add an upscale detail to your plain ceiling is with rustic wood beams. It looks awesome in modern spaces that need a little warmth or rustic charm. It’s a detail that will sell and put your home above the rest.

Xo, Annie


photo via domino


photo via elle decor


photo via live simply

Design Quick Tip :: Get a Tree

My place needs some trees. I just won’t feel rooted until it has one or two. That is todays design quick tip…get a tree. I know pretty soon we will be getting our Christmas trees, but I’m talking about a tree you can have all year round. A tree in a corner rooting out of a lovely basket, ceramic pot or vintage wine jug makes a house come to life. It’s an instant energizer. It makes a home cozy and purified. Below is a list of some of the best indoor trees and some inspiration to get you headed in the right direction. I can’t wait to have some roots in my house…. I’m thinking fig tree.

Do you have a favorite tree in your house?

Xo, Annie


This tree placed in an lovely basket fills this bay window perfectly. photo via themarionhousebook


This is one of my favorite Jessica Helgerson ideas. Wine jug meets maple branch..lovely.


here is a list of the best indoor trees via thejoyfulorganizer


D.I.Y Tuesday :: Dip Dye Cups via Design*Sponge

Studio Choo featured these lovely Dip Dye Cups on Design Sponge. What a beautiful, natural look that compliments a colorful bouquet quite perfectly. The process is a natural beauty in itself, using a method of simmering plants and colorful veggies like beets. You can get the full tutorial with lots of photos HERE. This could be a great summer project for older kids and a fun gift for neighbors and friends.

Happy DIYing!


Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 1.35.59 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 1.36.27 PM

photos found at Design Sponge

In The Details :: Chinoiserie Wallpaper for Renters

I am flipping over this wall treatment idea from Little Greeen Notebook. All you need is a chinoiserie style wallpaper, acrylic sheeting, command strips, screws and brass buttons…see the full tutorial HERE. Not only is it a lovely wall treatment, but what a great way to get the most out of a roll of wallpaper. Wallpapering an entire room can be costly and sometimes pattern over kill. Wallpaper can also be very permanent and off limits to people who rent. If you change your mind simply change the paper behind the plexi. If you move take the plexi panels with you. This is simple and adds just the right amount of color, pattern and sophisticated style with a modern twist. It’s details like this that make the design. Thanks for the great idea Jenny!

Need help finding the right wallpaper for your space? Just contact Decorator in a Box for a la carte services HERE.

Xo, Annie


photo via Little Green Notebook

Nice Structure :: Finnaire Glams Up with Marimekko

In movies I see how glam air travel once was. I often take my daughter to the local flight museum and I’m in awe seeing the designer dresses flight attendants use to wear. They served up hot food and coffee on Grandma’s best china wearing Emilio Pucci. While flipping the pages of Elle Decor I saw that Finnair is going back to this glamour approach of flying. They teamed up with the famous textile company Marimekko to adorn the plane inside and out with pattern, color and style. Everything from their signature poppies on the outside of the airplane to china and blankets has the Marimekko touch. Maybe there is still hope for us to fly like Don Draper.

Xo, Annie

FIN A340 Unikko 4

collection 1_business

collection 6_business

collection 11 economy

Product Love :: Sheepskin and Mongolian Lamb

I love sheepskin and Mongolian lamb accents in a room. It’s a wonderful way to bring comfort and coziness into a space that needs it. Feeling like your Sisal rug is too rough? Throw down some sheepskin rugs, poufs, pillows or stools to add a much needed softness. Do you love the look of your modern mesh desk chair, but not the comfort? Toss a sheepskin throw over the chair to make it and your office oh so cozy.  Here is some inspiration to get you headed in the right direction. The look works best in small accents and not doing too much.  Don’t miss the D.I.Y lamb stool tutorial below.

Xo, Annie



photos via elle decor



photos via lonny


 Make your own mongolian stool with this tutorial HERE

D.I.Y Tuesday : Lindsey Adelman Chandi

Lindsey Adelman is the hottest lighting designer right now. She creates fixtures that are works of art. If you hang one of her chandeliers the room need almost nothing else. Obviously, these masterpieces come with a high price tag. That is why I flipped when I saw this D.I.Y to make a Lindsey Adelman fixture of your very own. See the full tutorial HERE.

Xo ,  Annie

custom 3


photos via mimosa lane