NYC Client Testimonial & Multi-Functional Design!

I had such a wonderful time working with this family in NYC. Expecting their second child they came to me to make the most of their three bedroom apartment in NYC. I was thrilled with the design and even more thrilled the family was also. I just had to share the sweet words from this happy Decorator in a Box customer. Thanks Jackie and it was a pleasure to make your space work for your growing family. Just in time! Xo, Annie

(see the full design on the portfolio page)

At eight months pregnant and unsure of where we were going to live, I turned to Annie to help us configure our existing apartment in NYC to make the space work for us better not knowing if we were going to move (as we were waiting on our renewal information).  Annie kept me at ease 100% of the time and provided designs for our living room/dining room combo, our den and our shared children’s space that would accommodate our tight schedule.  Annie took every requirement I had and made our apartment look so amazing that we are excited to be staying in a place that we previously thought may be too small for us. I’m so upset that I didn’t use her for our master bedroom as that is the only space that doesn’t feel right anymore in the apartment.  Once I have a routine down, that is next!  From designing our kids closets, to opening up our living room and creating a kids play space that looks beautiful and modern without sacrificing style, I was amazed by Annie.  She is extremely talented, very responsive and fairly priced.  We have received so many compliments about how the apartment doesn’t even look the same and it seems so much bigger, it truly is amazing.  Next up for us is having Annie design a beach place we are pursuing.  Thanks again Annie, you met all of our expectations and went above them. 



See the full design HERE.



OB-Shapiro Living Space

This is the multi use area for dining, play and living. I used a lot of furniture that functions for seating and storage. The art and accessories are sophisticated with a playful and happy twist for the kids.

OB-Shapiro Living plan

OB-Shapiro Living 3

OB-shapiro living

OB-shapiro den

Here is the fun and playful shared bedroom for the kids. The color scheme works for both little girls and soon to arrive baby brother.

OB-Shapiro Shared Kids Space

OB-Shapiro Shared Kids Spaceplan

Nice Structure :: Finnaire Glams Up with Marimekko

In movies I see how glam air travel once was. I often take my daughter to the local flight museum and I’m in awe seeing the designer dresses flight attendants use to wear. They served up hot food and coffee on Grandma’s best china wearing Emilio Pucci. While flipping the pages of Elle Decor I saw that Finnair is going back to this glamour approach of flying. They teamed up with the famous textile company Marimekko to adorn the plane inside and out with pattern, color and style. Everything from their signature poppies on the outside of the airplane to china and blankets has the Marimekko touch. Maybe there is still hope for us to fly like Don Draper.

Xo, Annie

FIN A340 Unikko 4

collection 1_business

collection 6_business

collection 11 economy

Product Love :: Sheepskin and Mongolian Lamb

I love sheepskin and Mongolian lamb accents in a room. It’s a wonderful way to bring comfort and coziness into a space that needs it. Feeling like your Sisal rug is too rough? Throw down some sheepskin rugs, poufs, pillows or stools to add a much needed softness. Do you love the look of your modern mesh desk chair, but not the comfort? Toss a sheepskin throw over the chair to make it and your office oh so cozy.  Here is some inspiration to get you headed in the right direction. The look works best in small accents and not doing too much.  Don’t miss the D.I.Y lamb stool tutorial below.

Xo, Annie



photos via elle decor



photos via lonny


 Make your own mongolian stool with this tutorial HERE

D.I.Y Kiddo’s :: Recycled Helicopters

Are you running out of craft ideas for your kids this Summer? Here’s a fun and adorable one…recycled helicopters! This idea comes from the blog Momma Book. Simply take the bubble containers from quarter machines. You know the ones at the grocery store that your kids get bouncy balls and other plastic toys out of?  Glue together the propeller and pilot from toothpicks, wooden ice cream spoons and tongue depressors. You can get a better visual tutorial HERE. Not only will these make fun toys, but they would make an adorable mobile for a child’s bedroom. Happy crafting with your kiddo’s!

Xo, Annie



photos via momma book

D.I.Y Tuesday : Lindsey Adelman Chandi

Lindsey Adelman is the hottest lighting designer right now. She creates fixtures that are works of art. If you hang one of her chandeliers the room need almost nothing else. Obviously, these masterpieces come with a high price tag. That is why I flipped when I saw this D.I.Y to make a Lindsey Adelman fixture of your very own. See the full tutorial HERE.

Xo ,  Annie

custom 3


photos via mimosa lane

5 Things To Do This Weekend!

We had our server go down yesterday, so this post comes to you a little late. I must say it was nice to unplug myself for the day and made me realize I need to try that more often.  Happy weekend all! Here are 5 things you can try.

Xo, Annie

#1 Frame a happy typography print in your bathroom or office. via sugar paper


#2 Create a cozy reading nook for yourself and get lost is a good read. photo via rose & dust

via mollygolly on tumble5

#3 Get a new pillow to freshen up your bed or sofa. via urban outfitters


#4 Learn the art of stacking books. via lonny


#5 Enlarge and print your favorite family photo and frame as art. via dust jacket


Nice Structure :: SMEG Keeps It Cool

The power of adding a SMEG refrigerator in your Kitchen is amazing. It has the same impact as an architectural detail. It takes a kitchen from nice to whoa! I would love to add one to my kitchen…I just don’t know if I could ever decide on a color…something minty perhaps.

What color would you pick?

Xo – Annie


photo via green is the new black

8872a5b2c5a0ced9334ab17947dc6e86 (1)

lphoto via mrs. boho


photo via redbook


 photo via point 2

Product Love :: College Dorm Roundup

Getting ready for college feels just like yesterday and it was…uhuumm 15 years ago…yikes! I had so much fun decorating my first place with my roomate. Here is a roundup of fun items to start the school year off with smart and colorful style!

Xo – Annie

 Start with the right duvet cover. via urban outfitters


Notes don’t need to be boring with this pantone notebook. via urban outfitters


Keep items in one place. This is perfect for sox, underware, office supplies…you name it. via the container store5BinStorageTower_x (1)

Every dorm needs one of these. via the container store


You will need a lot of this to-go. via


Take a study break with this hopscotch rug. via


These poof pins will be oh too cute on your cork board. via anthropologie


Keep the laundry contained. via anthropologie


study light is a must. via land of nod


You will need a place to dock and listen to some tunes. via