Thanksgiving Feast :: Fun for the Kiddos


Here a few crafty and creative ways to keep the kiddos happy at the Thanksgiving table, even if they are the first to gobble down their turkey feast. You can find these and other fun kid’s table ideas at


Finger Puppet Favors

First print out the template from the link. Cut out and glue together as directed. Place the puppet on candy sticks and place in a cup near their plate. The kids can look forward to the sweet treat and mini puppet show after their meal!


Paper Bag Turkey

The kids get their own Turkey center piece and I’m sure just as yummy as the real deal in their minds! This fun Popcorn filled turkey centerpiece comes originally from One Charming Party crafter Sara Westbrook. Wage a little friendly competition by giving the best behaved “cutting honors” for their turkey!


Mayflower Centerpiece

To keep the kids busy during a long meal, this Mayflower Centerpiece can be crafted by the kids right there at the table, with guidance from an adult. Steer the children through the craft and have some Thanksgiving history facts or trivia on hand to add some educational value to the holiday.


Boat Place Cards

The kids will enjoy this guide to their seat; a folded boat place card. The extra touch of the vintage map for a table cloth is a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained as their own little ship sails through the high seas and onto dry land.


 Headdress Napkin Wrap

The kids can dress up Native style during the meal, with their napkin holder which doubles as a feather headdress. The Headdress Napkin Wrap is simply a clean feather (from a craft or floral store) placed into hole in a ribbon.  Just think of the cute photo opp of all the kids feather adorned!


Hope you’ve gathered some ideas for ways to keep the kiddos entertained at the Thanksgiving table. With a little thought and preparation, their fond Thanksgiving memories will come from more than the delicious meal!

Happy Celebrating!



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